An Unparalleled Combination of Research Capabilities Located in a Vibrant Urban Core

Locating at The University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm offers you:

icon1The region’s only research park affiliated with both a major research university and a national research laboratory.

icon2Capital investment and research incentives totaling $100 million already in place.


Private Industry Partners have flexible options including build, lease and multi-site aggregation.

Drawing on global leadership in neutron research, materials science, computational science, and energy independence and sustainability, the UT Research Park is positioned to deliver unique benefits for businesses.

Imagine a place where researchers and scientists from different industries work together to make advancements that shape our world. Where groundbreaking knowledge from the most renowned scientists is shared as commonly as a cup of coffee.

The UT Research Park offers the best custom-tailored applied research opportunities to private sector industry partners for improving their business. It’s home to the next “ah ha” moments in science and business.

Along with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), tenants at UT Research Park benefit from the main University of Tennessee Knoxville campus, including:

  • UT Institute of Agriculture
  • UT College of Veterinary Medicine
  • UT Medical Center
  • UT Research Foundation

Contact us today and let us show your team how locating at UT Research Park gives you an unparalleled combination of access to advanced research capabilities and thinking in a vibrant, creative setting.