Tools and Talent: An Unbeatable Combination
for Your Next Research Location

The University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm gives businesses access to the most brilliant minds in the specializations that matter most to your organization’s research initiatives.The Governor’s Chair program brings internationally renowned researchers to the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in a variety of fields, including biological, computational, neutron and advanced materials sciences. Funded jointly by the State of Tennessee and ORNL, Governor’s Chairs represent the vanguard of applied research accomplishment in their chosen fields.

UT Research Park tenants have access to partner with the talents of these accomplished scientists for assistance in their own research projects.

For example, tenants interested in power production and distribution might find the work of Yilu Liu compelling. She is an electrical engineer known for her work in smart-grid technologies. And companies that rely on materials technology innovation might want to work with Alexei Sokolov. His work in polymers involves fabricating large molecules atom by atom in an effort to control their properties and create substances with useful characteristics for fuel-cell and alternative energy applications.

Read more about the Governor’s Chair holders and explore videos of their accomplishments here. Many research and development parks offer access to smart people. But the UT Research Park offers access to leading minds in the fields that matter to your organization’s research priorities.