The Joint Institute for Advanced Materials:
Powerful Capabilities,
Unparalleled at Any Other Research Park

UT-ORNL Joint Institutes

Equipment available to UT Research Park tenants includes:

  • Zeiss Libra 200 electron microscope with magnification from 1-10m X
  • Zeiss Auriga crossbeam microscope with magnification of 100k X
  • Oxide molecular beam epitaxy system (MBE)
  • Photoelectron spectrometer
  • Secondary ion mass spectrometry system (SIMS)
  • Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
  • High-resolution scanning electron microscope with focused ion beam milling capabilities (dual beam SEM/FIB)


About JIAM

The University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm has raised the stakes considerably by becoming the first research park in the United States to build an unparalleled materials science research facility for the use of park tenants—the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM).

JIAM is one of five joint institutes created by UT-Battelle and the University of Tennessee. UT-Battelle is the managing contractor for Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and a joint venture of the University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute.

Through JIAM, tenants have access to materials science research capabilities available at only a handful of facilities worldwide. Additionally, JIAM is a multidisciplinary facility, marrying its capabilities with those of other research facilities at both the adjacent University of Tennessee main campus and at ORNL. This $56 million, 140,000 sq. ft. facility is certified LEED Silver status from the U.S. Green Building Council.


JIAM draws on the intellectual resources of the University of Tennessee faculty and scientists at ORNL with interests in advanced materials research. Many of the world’s best researchers in the field are JIAM research affiliates.

Combine these resources with access to the university’s research scholars and the Governor’s Chairs program, and there is quite literally no other choice that measures up to the value available at the UT Research Park.


The capabilities of JIAM become even more valuable to UT Research Park tenants when coupled with other materials science and computational resources available from UT and ORNL. These include the world’s fastest university-managed supercomputer, the world’s most advanced pulse and steady-stream neutron sciences facilities, and the Center for Nanophase Materials Science.

JIAM offers access to the Electron Microscopy Center, outfitted with a Zeiss transmission electron microscope and supported by staff and equipment for sample preparation. JIAM is also a gateway to the joint UT-ORNL Ion Beam Materials Laboratory, featuring a state-of-the-art 3MV tandem accelerator capable of ion beam analysis, irradiation and implantation.

Facilities for molecular beam epitaxy, physical property measurement and magnetic property measurement also are available, with an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy facility under construction.