Life-changing Discoveries, Made in Knoxville:

In the Laboratory and Beyond

It’s easy to live in Knoxville. Tennessee has no state income tax, and Knoxville’s cost of living index is below the national average. Housing choices are diverse, and prices are affordable. All this contributes to Knoxville’s ranking as one of Kiplinger’s “Best Value Cities.” (Below: Why Knoxville is the Place to Be in 2018.)

Locating at The University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm not only gives you access to the tools and talents of a major research and development park, but also to all the attractions of life in Knoxville.

Knoxville is a city with a vibrant urban core where families enjoy restaurants, performing arts, cultural attractions, collegiate sports, and a variety of activities year-round. Festivals and concerts fill the Market Square, Volunteer Landing and the World’s Fair Park. World-class theaters provide rich culture and performances, while museums showcase everything from historical artifacts to exceptional pieces of art. Unique and authentic restaurants, bars and boutiques keep shoppers and diners satisfied—the historic Old City offers over a dozen clubs within two blocks. And you never know what happenings you might catch on any given day.

Knoxville is also adjacent to the natural beauty and appeal of the Great Smoky Mountains and the most popular park in the United States, giving residents even more recreational opportunities.

And sports fans are right at home in Knoxville. University of Tennessee football has 102,000 fans on crisp autumn Saturdays, as well as men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, swimming and diving, and soccer. Each sport vies annually for postseason and tournament play in what is considered by many to be the NCAA’s most competitive conference.

It all adds up to a winning combination: life-changing discoveries in Knoxville go far beyond the laboratory