It’s a New Year for New Day Diagnostics

Embracing the dawn of 2024, New Day Diagnostics is at the forefront of a healthcare revolution. Following a strategic merger and a game-changing asset purchase agreement, the Knoxville-based powerhouse, led by CEO Eric Mayer, is set to redefine diagnostics, focusing on expanding its portfolio to include over-the-counter solutions for various ailments. With a $15 million funding round underway, a commitment to women’s health, and a philosophy that treating today ensures a better tomorrow, New Day Diagnostics is on a dynamic trajectory to transform healthcare and bring innovative testing solutions to the forefront.

Anchored by a fully integrated approach, the company’s vision encompasses a range of groundbreaking products, including ColoPlexTM and ColoHealth, with future developments aimed at addressing colorectal, prostate, and ovarian cancers, alongside Celiac disease and H. pylori. As New Day Diagnostics marches forward, its commitment to supporting clinical trials, working with underserved populations, and pioneering advancements in healthcare diagnostics underscores its mission to make a lasting impact in the years to come.

The UT Research Park is proud to have New Day Diagnostics as a future tenant in the Innovation South building; occupancy is projected for Winter 2024.

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