Put on walking shoes, grab a friend – furry friends are
welcome, too – and visit the beautiful shared
public spaces in the park.
All are welcome to visit the park and enjoy the beautiful green spaces and archaeological preserve.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love UT Research Park. With trails, green spaces, an amphitheater, beautiful vistas and an archaeological preserve, it is an inspiring place to do business or spend an afternoon. Nearly 85 acres of the park are dedicated to an archaeological preserve of Native American settlements dating as early as 12,000 years ago until about AD 1600. Our partnership with Legacy Parks Foundation will provide even more green reasons to visit and do business at UT Research Park.


Enjoy the 2.2-mile section of greenway along the shoreline of Cherokee Farm, connecting downtown Knoxville and the Neyland Greenway to UT Research Park. It’s also a key section of the Knox/Blount Greenway currently under construction.

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Ready to visit the park?


The small amphitheater located in the center of UT Research Park is a perfect spot for informal gatherings.

Legacy Parks Foundation Partnership

University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm has partnered with Legacy Parks Foundation to develop a concept plan that will make the area an even more attractive site for businesses, while also enhancing the park for the public.

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