Spark Innovation Center’s Market Sizing and Assessment with Ashley Roccapriore

On June 18, 2024, at the IAMM Building at the UT Research Park at Cherokee Farm, Ashley Roccapriore hosted her Market Sizing and Assessment Workshop. Roccapriore is an assistant professor in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Auburn University.

Roccapriore examines firm and investment failure, interpersonal relationships, and contextual influences on stakeholders and entrepreneurs, publishing her findings in top-tier management and entrepreneurship journals. She holds a PhD from the University of Tennessee, an MBA and MS from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a BS from Auburn University. She enjoys using both qualitative and quantitative data in her research and helping students succeed in entrepreneurship.

The key takeaway from the presentation was how to calculate the potential market share of an industry through the top-down and bottom-up approaches: one goes from the general to the specific, and the other begins at the specific and moves to the general.

The strategic approach to market share calculation is as valuable as the data used in the process. The databases start with knowing the NAICS codes. Once those codes are identified, UT Library access becomes invaluable.