Early-stage tech companies must identify a clear need in the marketplace, ensure solid product/market fit, and often build a working prototype before engaging with initial customers. Depending on their business model, they might also need to scale up significantly to meet customer demand. This often requires several years and outside capital from investors or government agencies.

In our two-year incubator program, the Spark Innovation Center provides:

  • Small top quality laboratory space
  • Business model development and introductions to early-stage investors
  • Connections with top researchers at UT who can help companies with their technology solutions
  • Introductions to other entrepreneurial service providers in the region, ensuring that Spark clients have the benefit of all available support and connections
  • Making connections with established companies in the Research Park and throughout the region, providing clients with opportunities to help bring potential solutions to the challenges faced by these companies.

The Spark Innovation Center works closely across the entire Midwest and Southeast regional startup communities helping make sure that the region can grow and retain its very best entrepreneurial startups.

Group of people surround a tale in front of a whiteboard with writing and diagrams.

“It was great to come to a city that values innovative technology so much. One of our biggest partners has been the City of Knoxville. They have offered tremendous support throughout the program.”

—Dave Castley, RAEV

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