Travis Howerton Praises East Tennessee’s Tech Potential

Travis Howerton, Co-founder and chief executive officer of Regscale, spoke highly on the rising tech environment here in east Tennessee. In an opinion column for Knoxville News Sentinel, Howerton proudly boasts the potential of the well kept secret – citing not only the affordable living costs, but the regions technological powerhouses.

As Howerton aptly puts it, the future of tech isn’t confined to Silicon Valley – it’s thriving right here in Hardin Valley. With a wealth of resources at our disposal – from top-notch research facilities to a diverse talent pool – East Tennessee has all the ingredients for long-term success. Why is this so?

Within a 30 mile radius, you’re standing in the influence of 3 leading cleantech accelerator programs – Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Innovation Crossroads, Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator, and the Research Park’s very own Spark Cleantech Accelerator. Each of these play a crucial role in the development of any major tech venture.

Spark Innovation Center logo with an orange element on the top left corner.

Despite these advantages, the potential remains underexposed. Howerton encourages our industry to “boldly market our achievements, keep building on our innovative spirit and attract large sums of investment dollars.” If we’re to hold the same name recognition as Silicon Valley, there is a need for more mainstream attention.

Howerton goes on to praise his his team at RegScale, and gives thanks to the ever-so supportive community here in East Tennessee.

There’s nothing they do in Silicon Valley that we can’t do better, faster and cheaper in Hardin Valley. The RegScale team is ready to prove it.

– Travis Howerton

Travis Howerton
Travis Howerton, co-founder and chief executive officer of Regscale